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Norpro 10-c. Cheese Grater With Catcher
Norpro 10 c Cheese Grater With Catcher
This stainless steel box grater has fine, medium, and coarse grating surfaces and a slicing surface. A handy sliding tray at the bottom keeps grated food inside and allows you to transport the contents to a bowl or pot with no mess. The grater has a soft, comfortable santoprene rubber handle that allows for a stronger grip while preventing hand fatigue and cramping. The high-quality handle provides a soft-touch, non-slip surface even when wet, is resistant to perspiration, oil, and chemicals, and will remain flexible at cold temperatures yet firm at high temperatures. 10 cup capacity. 18/10 stainless steel with santoprene rubber handle. Dishwasher safe.
  SKU 123153
Norpro 10-in. Fry Cutter/Wedger
Norpro 10 in Fry Cutter Wedger
This french fry cutter comes with two interchangeable slicing blades that allows you to make 25 (0.5-in.) fries or 49 shoestring size fries with just a press on the handle. It also comes with a potato/apple wedger that cores and slices into eight even sections.
  SKU 399706
Norpro 10-in. Krona Egg Poacher
Norpro 10 in Krona Egg Poacher
One egg, two egg, how 'bout a poached egg? In minutes, this stainless steel egg holder and saute pan will gently poach up to 5 eggs, each in its own individual cup. The pan is made of stainless steel-coated aluminum and conducts heat evenly as it simmers your eggs to perfection. The lid is heat-tempered glass. Use the 10-in sauté pan separately for cooking vegetables, seafood, fritattas -- or prepare a hollandaise sauce for your poached eggs. It's a dual purpose deal for a single-pan price!
  SKU 141826
Norpro 10-in. Tortilla/Pancake Keeper
Norpro 10 in Tortilla Pancake Keeper
Perfect for tortillas, pancakes or breads, this light-weight keeper comes in handy for keeping your foods warm while passing around the table.
  SKU 399902
Norpro 11.25-in. x 14-in. Expandable Over-the-Sink Colander
Norpro 11 25 in x 14 in Expandable Over the Sink Colander
It's amazing no one thought of this sooner! The Colander is made of professional gauge fine stainless steel mesh. The two locking handles can be extended to straddle the sink for easy draining and rinsing of vegetables and fruits. Rubber feet keep the draining basket in place. Perfect for rinsing spinach or fresh greens, berries, grapes and much more. Measures 10-in. x 14-in. and expands to 23-in.
  SKU 103277
Norpro 12-in. Delux Mandoline
Norpro 12 in Delux Mandoline
A necessity for creating fabulous looking meals. It comes with razor sharp easly interchangeable stainless steel blades to slice, dice, grate, shred, julienne, crinkle cut and more. Includes thick, medium and thin blades. Easily adjust slicing thickness from 0mm to 10mm.
  SKU 394337
Norpro 13x10 Nonstick Roasting Rack
Norpro 13x10 Nonstick Roasting Rack
Strong, durable and easy to clean. This sturdy non-stick Roasting Rack is ideal for turkeys, chickens, rib roasts, pork roasts or game. By raising the meat, you allow consistent hot air flow around it for even cooking. 13 x 10-in..
  SKU 103249
Norpro 16.5x12x2-in. Nonstick Broiler Pan
Norpro 16 5x12x2 in Nonstick Broiler Pan
With its compact dimensions (16.5 x 12-in.), this broiler pan slides right inside your oven. On top, place steaks, seafood or vegetables and let them broil. Underneath, another pan catches excess fat and oils; use it, too, for roasting, baking or toasting open-faced turkey and swiss sandwiches. The broiler pan has a nonstick surface so foods release easily without a messy cleanup.
  SKU 308013
Norpro 16x12 Nonstick Dual BBQ Grill/Griddle Pan
Norpro 16x12 Nonstick Dual BBQ Grill Griddle Pan
With this dual pan, you can grill all your favorite foods at once. The heavy-duty, porcelain enamel surface is divided - cook steaks, chicken and fish on the solid, ridged side and shellfish and vegetables on the perforated side. It's nonstick so food won't stick and clean up is a breeze.
  SKU 207584
Norpro 18-in. Nonstick Rolling Pin, Black
Norpro 18 in Nonstick Rolling Pin Black
This non-stick 18" Rolling Pin is essential for serious bakers. For best results and thinner, flakier dough, chill the pin in the refrigerator first. Barrel size is 10".
  SKU 103207
Norpro 2-c. Warm 'n' Baste Set
Norpro 2 c Warm 'n' Baste Set
This cute and clever pot holds barbecue sauces or marinades, keeping them warm on top of the stove or on the grill. A lid comes with it - a knob on one side for lifting and a built-in brush on the other so you can brush on your sauces while foods cook or afterwards when serving. Use it to warm an herbed butter for brushing on corn on the cob or toasted garlic bread. The pot is 18/10 stainless steel; the handle and knob stay cool to the touch. The nylon brush is heat-resistant.
  SKU 207577
Norpro 2-pc. Cocktail Shaker
Norpro 2 pc Cocktail Shaker
When making drinks, bartenders generally use one glass container and one stainless steel one. With this set, you, too, can mix your drinks just like the pros! A rubberized edge on the glass container prevents any spills while you shake, proving a snug fit. And in the event you haven't memorized each and every ingredient for your drinks, there are several recipes on the side of the glass container - a Margarita, Bloody Mary, Manhattan, Dry Martini and Daiquiri with a picture of which glass to use for properly serving!
  SKU 187977
Norpro 2-pc. Nonstick Locking Tong Set
Norpro 2 pc Nonstick Locking Tong Set
These 9- and 12-in. locking tongs feature 18/10 heavy-duty stainless steel with soft, non-slip handles and easy locking button. Safe for nonstick cookware, the nylon heads are heat resistant up to 450 degrees. They are dishwasher-safe and lock together for easy storage.
  SKU 394463
Norpro 2.5-c. Pancake Dispenser
Norpro 2 5 c Pancake Dispenser
Make perfect pancakes without wasting batter. This pancake dispenser accurately dispenses pancake batter for consistent size pancakes everytime. Also great for making crepes, cupcakes and biscuits. Holds 2.5-cups of batter.
  SKU 399860
Norpro 3-pc. Bulb Baster Set
Norpro 3 pc Bulb Baster Set
We prefer this Baster, the sturdiest one around. The stainless steel body is functional and easy to clean. For best results, run it under hot water before basting, so the temperature of the baster will be warm and thus the pan drippings will not cool during the basting process. 1.5-oz. capacity.
  SKU 103270
Norpro 3-pc. Melon Ballers
Norpro 3 pc Melon Ballers
An all-purpose scoop, this tool portions ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookie dough, meat balls, rice dishes, and vegetable purées. And it's ideal for forming pretty sherbet balls to fill dessert glasses.Set includes: 3/8" - 10mm 3/4" - 18mm 1" - 25mm These melon ballers are also highly useful for garnishing fruits and vegetables. The smallest one is approximately the size of a pea, the medium one is approximately the size of a small grape, and the third mellon baller is approximately the size of a large olive for textual references on the sizes of this set.
  SKU 120213
Norpro 3-pc. Strainer Set with Long Handles
Norpro 3 pc Strainer Set with Long Handles
These deluxe 18/10 stainless steel double mesh strainers feature comfortable large handles with convenient finger grooves. Resting ring is designed to hook over bowl. A must have for straining.
  SKU 394484
Norpro 3-pc. Strainer Set, Stainless Steel
Norpro 3 pc Strainer Set Stainless Steel
There's nothing fresher or better tasting than home-grown vegetables and fruit from the farmer's market or road-side stand. However, most require careful rinsing to remove any excess soil. For taking care of such tasks, this wire mesh basket will quickly do the job. And much more efficiently too – with its raised bottom portion, all of the water drains completely and doesn't collect at the bottom of the basket. Set of 3 includes, 7-, 8.5-, 12-in.
  SKU 394477
Norpro 3.75-in. Mug Warmer
Norpro 3 75 in Mug Warmer
Take your time and enjoy your coffee, no need to rush with this convenient mug warmer. Idea for the desk of coffee drinkers. This mug warmer offers a nonstick heating element and an on/off switch with neon light indicator. UL approved. Mug not included. 120-volts/ 18-watts. Outlet required.
  SKU 399881
Norpro 4-c. Pancake Dispenser
Norpro 4 c Pancake Dispenser
Norpro Stainless Steel Pancake Dispenser. Easily and accurately dispense pancake batter with Norpro's stainless steel Pancake Dispenser. Great for making crepes, waffles, biscuits, hush puppies and most other batters, sauces and frostings, even pizza sauce. No waste of batter and no mess. Holds 4 cups of batter.
  SKU 120269
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