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Deni 1.5-qt. Automatic Ice Cream Maker, Clear
Deni 1 5 qt Automatic Ice Cream Maker Clear
Counting calories or not, most people today rank super premium ice creams among their favorite indulgences. Now you don't have to visit the local ice cream parlor. You can make ice cream at home, fast and easy, with Deni's automatic Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher available in new hot colors! The Deni sutomatic Ice Cream Maker with Candy Crusher contains a powerful motor and double insulated gel cylinder that turns basic ingredients into delicious ice cream in 10-20 minutes. The clear-vue colored lid allows you to watch the fun as it happens. Features: Fully automatic and easy to operate, NO salt or ice neededNew canister freezes in 8 hoursLid fits on unit and canister Compact to fit anywhereMakes up to 1.5 quartsNo long waiting, freezes ingredients in less than half an hourMake frozen drinks (i.e. Pina coladas, frozen daiquiris, or icy thick margaritas)Turn fruit and natural ingredients into frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, and other low-fat frosty creationsFreeze canister, turn on, pour in fresh ingredients, and you can enjoy creamy, smooth frozen desserts in minutesAvailable in White, Blueberry, Raspberry, Lime, and PlatinumHidden cord storageAnti-slip rubber feet40 watts of power
  SKU 119149
Deni 1.5-qt. Ice Cream Maker
Deni 1 5 qt Ice Cream Maker
Creamy-smooth ice cream, healthy, fruit-filled yogurt, light sorbet or refreshing, slushy drinks like pina coladas or margaritas - all can be made quickly and effortlessly using this one machine. From Deni, this ice cream maker turns-out frozen desserts in 10-20 minutes. It's fully automatic: no ice, salt or hand cranking is needed; the 38 watt motor and Speedee Freeze canister does the work for you. The top lid is clear so you can watch it turn liquid ingredients into a luscious dessert. Comes with 40 recipes.
  SKU 216908
Deni 10-qt. Quick-N-Easy Convection Oven
Deni 10 qt Quick N Easy Convection Oven
The Deni Quick-n-Easy convection oven can reduce your cooking time by up to 30 percent, all the while taking up no more space than a regular microwave. This Quick-n-Easy Convection Oven includes Base With handles, Arcopal Glass Bowl, Upper And lower racks, Lid With Timer and Tongs. Features: Meat sears quickly on the outside, sealing in juices Hot air circulation makes baked goods rise higher Shock resistant Arcopal glass bowl made in France Automatic cleaning feature See-through lid Timer and safety handle
  SKU 119261
Deni 12-in. Indoor Grill, Black
Deni 12 in Indoor Grill Black
Deni’s 12 inch round grill is perfect for grilling indoors. The grill heats up fast, grills quickly and most important, clean up is a breeze. The cooking surface is perfect to grill, fry, or stir-fry. The removable grilling surface doubles as a serving dish, keeping food hot or warm at the table. With so much versatility, you will not be disappointed. Features Removable non-stick ribbed grilling surface lifts food away from grease. Cool-touch base- outside housing remains cool while inner skillet retains temperature. See-thru, tempered glass lid for viewing food while cooking. Cool-touch lid handle. Removable, full range, adjustable temperature control (Warm to 450°F). Easy to clean with removable grilling surface. Built-in spout for easy pouring. Includes grease collection tray.
  SKU 770009
Deni 12-in. Specialty Appliances Cake Tray
Deni 12 in Specialty Appliances Cake Tray
This unique Musical Cake Tray is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion. With the push of a button, the cake tray will play Happy Birthday music. LED lights will light up to serve as guides to help cut even slices. The cake tray will hold up to a 12 inch diameter cake, cookie, pizza, fruit tart, etc. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included. Features: LED lights allow even slices. Press the “power” button to select from 2-12 slices. Lazy susan allows tray to rotate for easy slicing, decorating and serving.
  SKU 770604
Deni Deep Fryer, Stainless
Deni Deep Fryer Stainless
Uick cooking Deni 9301 Mini 840-Watt 1-1/4-Quart Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer. Includes fry basket, breakaway magnetic cord, and guide. Measures 10-3/4 by 10-3/4 by 9-1/4 inches. One-year limited warranty. Cool touch lid and handles Holds 4-1/4 cups of oil and 1-1/4 quarts of fresh food "Ready" indicator light See-through lid Adjustable thermostat
  SKU 119373
Deni Electric Pressure Cooker, Black
Deni Electric Pressure Cooker Black
The Deni Pressure Cooker is safe and simple to use. Cook fork tender stew in 30 minutes, roasts in under an hour, and fruits and vegetables in minutes. Put the ingredients in the pot, set the timer, and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. Brown your meat in the cooking pot before cooking under pressure to make cooking time even faster. The Deni Pressure Cooker combines steam, heat, and pressure while retaining the nutrients and flavor of the food. The removable five quart non-stick cooking pot provides even heat distribution while the outer housing remains cool to the touch. Features: Shortens cooking time by up to 70 Fully programmable timer Delay function up to 8 hours Built-in thermostat for automatic temperature control Steam release valve allows you to release pressure quickly Four safety features: 1) The locking pin prevents the lid from being opened while under pressure 2) The unit will automatically shut off when the pressure has exceeded its max 3) The pressure regulator knob will be forced upward if the pressure exceeds its max 4) The inner cooking pot will be forced down and the pressure will escape between the inner pot and the rubber gasket Pressurized steam cooks healthy meals in much less time than convectional cooking methods Great for a variety of meals – chicken, roasts, stew, chili, etc. High and low pressure cooking, keep warm, slow cook, steam, and brown Condensation reservoir collects extra liquid Cool touch, brushed stainless steel housing Easy to clean Unit includes: removable 5 qt. non-stick cooking pot, condensation reservoir, and instruction book with cooking times and recipes
  SKU 119240
Deni Food Steamer, Stainless Steel
Deni Food Steamer Stainless Steel
Steaming is a healthy and easy way to prepare a variety of foods. From steaming vegetables, rice, seafood and meats, to hard boiling and poaching eggs, the Deni Food Steamer does it all. The Deni Food Steamer is equipped with a digital timer, LCD display and exterior water level indicator, so food will be steamed just perfect every time. Its large 10 quart capacity and removable bases allow for ease in steaming larger items. Features: Programmable for easy and convenient healthy cooking Steaming retains 50 more vitamins and nutrients than boiling 90 minute timer Angled digital display for easy viewing Automatic keep warm function Removable bases allow for extra height
  SKU 119107
Deni Freshlock Vacuum Sealer
Deni Freshlock Vacuum Sealer
The Freshlock Vacuum Sealer is the easy, economical home food storage system that vacuum-seals food in cut-to-size plastic bags, locking in freshness, flavor, color and nutrients much longer than conventional storage methods. Use it every day to pack lunches, leftovers, snacks or entire meals. Now you can buy in bulk and do your own packaging at home, dividing up large quantities into smaller amounts. Vacuum-sealing meats helps protect against freezer burn.
  SKU 119408
Deni Gravy Warmer, Stainless Steel and Black
Deni Gravy Warmer Stainless Steel and Black
Hosting a dinner party requires the right tools. Now gravies or sauces can be created ahead of time and kept warm until the hostess is ready. The gravy warmer keeps gravies and sauces ready to server whenever the guests are ready. The gravy boat sits on top of a stainless steel warming base. The detachable cord allows the entire unit to be brought to the table. The appliance compliments the Deni Buffet Servers nicely. Features: 18 ounce ceramic gravy boat. Brushed stainless steel wrap base. Easy pour spout eliminates spills. Great for gravies, béarnaise, bordelaise, hollandaise and cheese sauces. Also great for melted butter, dressings, dips, and ice cream toppings. Ensures gravies and sauces are kept at a warm temperature during the entire dining experience.
  SKU 770695
Deni Ice Cream Makers Ice Cream Maker, White
Deni Ice Cream Makers Ice Cream Maker White
Now you can make ice creams, slushes, and other frozen treats, fast and easy, with the Deni soft serve automatic ice cream maker. The motor and stainless steel canister turns basic ingredients into an endless array of delectable frozen treats in 10-20 minutes. The unique soft serve spout makes these delicious treats fun for any occasion. Features: Create soft serve cones and sundaes in minutes! Speedee Freeze Stainless Steel canister freezes ingredients quickly and thoroughly. Make a variety of soft and hard ice cream Make refreshing slushes and frozen cocktail drinks, including piña coladas, daiquiris, and margaritas. Turn fruit and natural ingredients into frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, and other low-fat frosty creations. Soft serve spout for easy serving Clear-Vue lid for viewing operation Disassembles for easy cleaning. Make 8-10 cones at a time.
  SKU 770044
Deni Ice Crusher
Deni Ice Crusher
Classic parties are a success with the right tools. With the Deni Ice Crusher, you can entertain in style. Perfect mounds of crushed ice are created instantly for shaken martini's and tropical cocktails. The crushed ice can also be used for elegant ice beds for salads and buffets. This appliance has extraordinary chopping capacity and chips ice quickly and uniformly. Features: Fully automatic No hand-cranking Rust-free stainless steel blade Easy to use, cubes go in and crushed ice comes out Safety enhanced lid Ideal for frosty drinks & desserts Chills beverages fast, tastes great Make delicious ice desserts such as snow cones, slushes, and cocktails Great for ice buckets
  SKU 119086
Deni Magic Vac Vacuum Packaging Vacuum Sealer
Deni Magic Vac Vacuum Packaging Vacuum Sealer
Discover the advantages of commercial vacuum packaging with the Deni Turbo Pump Vacuum Sealer. The unit is designed for today’s consumer concerned with managing their household food budgets more effectively. Reduce food spoilage by extending freshness for up to 5 times longer than conventional food storage methods. Commercially vacuum pack left-overs and bulk food purchases, taking advantage of sales and per pound savings. Countless food items or non-food items can be preserved by vacuum sealing in specially designed air-tight bags. Features: For freezing, refridgerating or general storage. Strong enough to crush a can. Eliminate freezer burn, reduce waste and spoilage, save hundreds of dollars! Bags are dishwasher safe and recommended for microwave or boil-in-bag cooking. Includes on roll 8.5-in. by 10-ft. of FDA approved heavy duty bagging material.
  SKU 770758
Deni Set of 3 Freshlock Replacement Rolls
Deni Set of 3 Freshlock Replacement Rolls
Designed to fit the Deni Freshlock Vacuum Sealer, these replacement rolls come in a four pack, each one measuring 11-in. x 33-ft. that makes approximately 66 six-inch bags or 264 bags in all. Use them in the microwave or for boiling on top of the stove. A label stripe lets you write the contents and date that you sealed it for later reference.
  SKU 216922
Deni Speciality Appliances Pizza Oven, Stainless Steel
Deni Speciality Appliances Pizza Oven Stainless Steel
Bakes Thick and Thin Crust Pizza in Minutes The taste of an authentic pizza parlor pizza, can now be enjoyed in your kitchen with the stainless steel Deni Pizza Oven. This fully enclosed pizza oven has a heating element on both the top and the bottom. The non-stick pizza pan rotates for perfect pizza every time. The Deni Pizza Oven is ideal for homemade or frozen pizza, bagels, calzones, breads, stromboli, tortillas, and much more. Features: Ideal for frozen, pre-baked, or fresh dough pizzas. No preheating. Adjustable heating operation with upper and lower control. 30 minute timer. Automatic shut-off safety feature: unit turns off when the lid is lifted. Compact design easily fits on kitchen counter. Viewing window allows you to see the food as it cooks. Durable stainless steel housing for easy cleaning. Toll-free customer service number.
  SKU 770324
Deni Speciality Appliances Yogurt Maker, White and Blue
Deni Speciality Appliances Yogurt Maker White and Blue
Fresh Healthy Treats The Deni Yogurt Maker makes up to 1 quart of creamy, homemade, all-natural yogurt in 6-12 hours. Add fruit to make six different flavors at a time. Simply prepare the ingredients, pour the mixture into the glass jars and set the timer. Now you can make yogurt in the convenient of your own home, with Deni’s Yogurt Maker. Features Fool proof yogurt is easy with this easy to use, efficient machine. Control the sweetness, fat content, and thickness of your favorite yogurt. See-thru lid to watch the process. Timer with automatic shut-off. Includes six (6 oz.) glass jars and plastic lids for storage. Includes easy to use instructions. Toll-free customer service number.
  SKU 770366
Deni Specialty Appliances Buffet Server and Warming Tray, Stainless Steel
Deni Specialty Appliances Buffet Server and Warming Tray Stainless Steel
Perfect for holidays, patio parties, or family gatherings! This appliance keeps food hot, fresh and ready to serve whenever your guests are ready. The stainless steel serving trays can be removed revealing a stand alone warming tray. Keep casseroles warm right from the oven or heat up tasty hors d’oeurves. (PATENT PENDING) Features: Stainless steel Buffer Server. Converts to a warming traywith 192.5 sq. in. of warming surface. Capacity for 40 (4 oz.) servings. No open flames. Adjustable thermostat with three temperature settings: Low (155°F), Medium (175°F), and High (200°F). Even heat distributions. Cool touch handles and non-skid feet. Toll-free customer service number.
  SKU 770394
Deni Specialty Appliances Chip and Dip Tray, White
Deni Specialty Appliances Chip and Dip Tray White
The Heated Chip and Dip Tray will keep your hot dips warm and at the perfect temperature for long periods of time. Removable heating base provides versatility. The inner bowl is ceramic stoneware, which will keeps cold dips cold for a longer period of time compared to plastic. Features: Perfect for heating and serving hot dips. Unplug to use for cold dips. Removable heating base makes cleaning easy. Great for parties and family gatherings. Dishwasher safe. Great for: Cheese Dips Spinach Dips Artichoke Dips Warm Carmel Melted Chocolate Cocktail Sauce BBQ Sauce
  SKU 770730
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