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 Xochi  Xtraordinary
Xochi 13-in. Plums Mitt
Xochi 13-in. Plums Mitt
This fun, plum pattern oven mitt will add a bit of style to your kitchen while it keeps your hands safe when removing hot pots and pans from the oven or stove.
  SKU 471711
Xochi Fern Kitchen Apron
Xochi Fern Kitchen Apron
This fun, fern pattern design by Xochi will add a bit of style to you kitchen while protecting your clothes from spills.
  SKU 534585
Xochi Set of 3 Pommes Ticking Towels, Green
Xochi Set of 3 Pommes Ticking Towels, Green
Vibrant colors to accessorize your kitchen from Autumn through the holidays. Easy cleaning and care.
  SKU 586791
Xtraordinary 19-pc Salad Serve N' Store
Xtraordinary 19-pc Salad Serve N' Store
Keep everyone happy by allowing guests to customize their salad with all of the right toppings at their fingertips. Now you can store salad ingredients in small containers so that nothing sits in the salad and gets soggy. The small containers can also be used for different salad dressings, croutons, nuts, and just about any other salad topping. All of the pieces can store within the bowl for compact storage and so that nothing gets lost. Ideal for picnics, barbecues, and a great way to prepare in advance and refrigerate overnight. Also fantastic for chip and dips, veggie platters and a variety of appetizers!
  SKU 686044
Xtraordinary Mix N' Stir Pitcher
Xtraordinary Mix N' Stir Pitcher
Mix N' Stir 2 Liter Pitcher features a mixing propeller that stirs the liquid and mixes the liquid ingredients. Easy press cover plunger spins the propeller to stir. Easy to use: simply press down and turn to unlock the plunger. Then just press on the pump a few times to spin propeller and mix the contents on the bottom.
  SKU 686051
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