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Camerons 15x11-in. Stovetop Smoker
Camerons 15x11 in Stovetop Smoker
Camerons Professional Stovetop Smoker allows you to smoke foods of all types right on your stove. Smoke cooking is a healthy way to infuse flavor without the use of fats, salts or oils and that means no added calories either. The Smoker allows you to hot-smoke food, a process that retains moisture and natural cooking flavors so foods don't dry out or get tough. The Stovetop Smoker works great with all meat, seafood, and poultry dishes and it transforms ordinary vegetables into delicious main courses! Larger items like turkeys or hams can be smoked as well by simply making an aluminum foil tent to cover the item when you cook it, instead of using the smoker lid. Versatile, the Camerons Smoker also doubles as a steamer for vegetables and other foods. Made of commercial-quality, stainless steel. Includes an instruction/recipe booklet, a sampler of 4 different wood smoking chips, and a stainless steel rack. Dishwasher safe.
  SKU 193416
Camerons 7-qt.  Multi-Purpose Roaster
Camerons 7 qt Multi Purpose Roaster
In addition to cooking a holiday turkey, several chickens or a roast with vegetables, this multi-cooker also comes with a lift-out poacher for gently cooking fish. Well-fitted handles on both roaster and lid provide stability when lifting. A domed lid traps steam for succulent results and doubles as its own pan for making gravy, holding four quarts.
  SKU 201781
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